They change when I stop

“Sometimes, people change when we give up and not try to change them anymore” Aprida Sondang

I know that feeling.  How difficult to change someone bad to be a good person.

Gilang, my little brother. Maybe, all people around me knowing about him. How I through some badly moment because him. I try to change him, tell more good messages, more sharing time, more quality time, anything. And nothing, He never change. Gilang still being a badly brother. I stop to change him.

One year I let him to do anything that he love. Whatever he wanna do, I was tired.

3 weeks ago, He tell me a good news, very very good news. My badly brother got a great GPA, 3,75. The best thing that he ever gave to me. He said something too, “I wanna move from this faculty, to the civil engineering. I wanna give a lot of benefits to people. I wanna give the best from me to the people”

WHAAATTT??? GILANG, My badly badly little brother can said all of that to me. Ah, Finally… This is an answer from GOD to me and our mom. He change when we stop to change him.

Perhaps, this applies also to my dearest friends, two of my dearest friends. I hope both of you back to be a good boy whom I love… Do you remember, both of you ever say this to me: “A good man will meet with a good woman too” :p

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