A chance

This story dedicated to an Australian Old Man, Richard Cronin.

Yesterday – on a very last night – when I stood at the Transjakarta Selter, seen an old woman brought many things on her hand. There were some goodie bag at her left hand, her fingers on the other hand were busy with the handphone’s button. Her white hair confirmed how old she was, the wrinkles under her eyes were describing as much as he had experienced.

At that moment I remember my mother was alone at the hospital, sometimes I was feeling guilty, since I often leave her alone. As the only one daughter she has, it is my responsibility to always be with her. However, I have a dream to be reached, often times I need to leave my mother alone for working, volunteering, or doing the other activities to accelerate my dream. That’s not easy, sometimes she was angry or just let me go with her beauty smile.

There was a big question in my head:

am I selfish??????

That question was answered during my trip with Richard Cronin – a mentor for all the members of Gerakan Mari Berbagi. During our trip in Malang – East Java – Richard told me so many things about family, how the family must be the first supporter in our life. He told me a moment when his daughter decided to have a job instead of study in a college. “The most important things is respect her choice and keep her in my arms.” Richard said.

The incredible story that told by Richard when he decided to go to America meanwhile his mother was sick. “When I back to Aussie, my mother was dead, but I never regret because I took the opportunity, and my life goes on very well until now. Wahtever will be will be, your life still must go on, and you have the future.” To be honest I still confused when he said that.

Until a moment when we (me & Richard) climbed the mountain of Bromo. A long the way he gave me a lot of motivation and strategy to finish our goal. As a team we need to make sure the others have enough breathing, we need to manage our expectation with the others, increase our steps after breathing, and never leave your team!

When we walked down the mountain, Richard had to go to the toilet for a while, he let me go first “it is okay Dinda, just finish it and no worries about me.” he said.

At that moment I realized what the meaning of his said is: Sometimes, being unselfish even cultivate the selfishness itself.

Might be on the last night, the children of that old woman was trying to reach her/his dream, for the happiness of her/his mother and family.

Perhaps, this is not about a selfishness, but how we give a chance to our beloved person 🙂

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