Volunteering #BlogSeries: Let Someone Go

Five years ago, in a rainy day, a glass was cracked by someone. At that time, I was too young to understand about love even broken heart. I had no idea, how to recover myself.

Something that I always to remember is:
Doing something good can make me feel better.

After locking myself in my rooms for a few days, I had an idea to join in a volunteer activity. The silly thing was: I choose volunteering as an escape from my broken heart 😀 However that’s better than clubbing or doing nothing :p

Mid of 2013 became my first experience as a volunteer in Sahabat Anak Foundation. There were so many marginal children in the old town. I and the others volunteers came to the old town every week and taught those kids about mathematics, language, culture, life skills, and the other good things.

The happiest moment during my volunteering in Sahabat Anak was when the children back to school, when they could read a sentence word by word, and when they stopped asking for money on the street.

On the other hand, I also observed their life and family. Why couldn’t they went to school? Why didn’t their parents taking care of their children very well? How come some kids got illness? And why, and why, and why.

Time by time I learned so many things about a very complex situation of marginal children.

Time by time, I became very close with each of them. I want to give the best for them, want to take care of them very well. I didn’t want something bad happen.

But GOD always has a plan. One day, I found a toddler with HIV, her body was so thin, 2 years old but didn’t able to walked. Every night her mother brought her to asking money on the street. Me and the other volunteer tried to ensure her condition in the hospital. Almost everyday we went to the hospital and ensure she got the best treatment. However, her illness was terrible, she couldn’t survive even for a year later.

And I lost someone, again.

My first moments in volunteering taught me about a lot of losing, I lost the little sister, lI lost a lot of the volunteers itself, I lost someone important in my life.

But, I learned to let it go

Today, as i write this story, I am also trying to let someone go..
Someone important in my lately life.

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