An empathy

Photo credit to: PWalker

I am sitting in front of the screen and seeing almost a hundred faces, with their microphone being switch off by the host of our virtual meeting. All the participants listen carefully about the updates of Covid-19 also about office responses to support the stakeholders. Sharing about updates of achievements, and birthday wishes for those who have a historical moment during this quarantine.

Those are a new normal for all staff in the office where I work for, or even for some of you who are still working from home right now. At the first time, I heard the “new normal” term, I was worried that zoom application will decrease my sense of being a human.

Even though internet and gadget have been the next generation of stone and fire for all sapiens. We all need empathy to control our own willingness to use those energy and technology. Otherwise, we would keep seeing the forest being burned or more young people got arrested with the help of a hacker.

And I am afraid that the only resource to sharpen our knife of empathy is human interaction.

Since the implementation of large scale social restriction (PSBB), all my life has been only about zoom meetings, video calls, you name it. No matter it’s about work or personal life. I found it very hard to accept the situation since I am a person who can get energies through social interaction, or you can call it as an extrovert.

But, I understand that being human also means to evolve with the circumstances.

I don’t think we would exist if our ancestors were stubborn about not using the fire when they arrived in the winter times. Because they used the fire to survive during the cold, so then we exist now.

And today, what we have after thousands of years is video call and Covid-19, but how could we sharpen the knife in order to evolve with these circumstances? Fortunately, I found the evolving moment during the all-staff meeting last week. There was a time when the Staff Association gave us an opportunity to share about anything that we would like to share, it can be new talent, funny story, anything.

The chief of education was the first one who shared his Japanese writing skill, with a short of his childhood story. After that, the education specialist also shared an experience to shave his son’s hair. The last one was the supply officer showed her painting talent, she painted a cat because she would like to cheer up the cat lovers.

Without that sharing session, I wouldn’t know that listening about childhood stories helped me to recall lots of beautiful memories. If that last colleague didn’t share her motivation for painting the cat, I would never understand that empathy is not a knife.

Empathy is something that we share with, to evolve, and it’s beyond human interaction.

If you read my blog a hundred years later, please tell the ‘clouds’ that you will always need humans for your next evolution. Because, I think, the reason why you were born in this world was empathy.

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