That thing

I hate to overthinking about something that I can’t control, but that thing who made me laugh almost every day and talk with me about whatever random stories that I want to talk about.

That thing, I never realized have been stuck on my head every night I’m gonna close my eyes. That thing, I realized helped me out of the situation where a fear ghosted me about death.

Do you know the feeling when you were on the edge and you see the line where you could upset or be hurt again, but you still want to walk over the edge? Even though you have the wings just to fly and leave the edge, but you can’t. Because you feel that will never hurt you at the end.

I know what it is, I’m glad because of this feeling are something that human should be grateful. I just am afraid, the risk that I should take will send me to the bottom of the earth again.

If you know what is that thing, I just don’t want to hurt anyone anymore ever again.

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