A Reason: Deactivate My Facebook and Instagram Account

After years of using almost all of the social media, I just decided to deactivate my accounts. In terms of friendship, the most affected channel is Instagram and Facebook. So then, if you guys can’t find me on those channels, just don’t worry, I’m not blocking your account, instead, I have gone (maybe for a while or let say maybe I will use them again for the matter of my work as a content creator).

I could have deleted them directly, but like I said, I still am learning for the impact on my works as it needs more insight from your ‘thumb’

The chance of someone digging your life through your social media channel is getting bigger, the gap between the privacy policy and freedom of expression is even getting huge. Also, personally, the effect of me watching people’s life (friends, colleagues, celebrity, influencer, KOL, you name it) made me a bit crazy or we called it ‘being over-thinking’.

First, I can’t control what people or friends think about me after I posted a photo with some silly or an inspirational caption. They would think that I’m crazy because I’m not wearing a mask (since it’s still in the middle of the COVID situation) on that photo. On the other hand, I don’t think it is necessary to explain that “I open my mask for the sake of photo” maaaaan, it’s too detail and again unnecessary, you guys are smart enough to see it. Or, I don’t want people misunderstood that I’m a traveler who is being paid by my office to get nice photos, I did more than what you see in only one picture.

And yesss, of course, I don’t need to upload anything if I knew it would send a wrong message to people, that’s why I deactivate it now because I just realized it 🙂

More than that, I got confused to see between the personal and professional life of my colleagues. This one is even turned out I almost can’t believe that COVID is happening, just because I saw some contradiction. And since I don’t think deleting them on my social media is the best idea, so then deleting myself is the best option 🙂 And of course, an apology from the bottom of my heart to colleagues who read this, to be honest, I really am just confused, no offense, it’s just me 🙂 Laff you

Let say, maybe I’m not mature enough in this era, maybe I should learn more to be a wiser person in this world and I am not Malala. That’s why my brain is not huge enough to control my emotion when I see something (maybe) wrong.

I hope my life can be more peaceful and happier without knowing other people’s lives and of course I hope there’s no one who could touch me or set me up for an unnecessary sin.

I will only share my thought through this personal blog and it is good to practice my writing skills again. Feel free if you want to respond to my thought in the comment section or I would be very happy if you want to share about your thought as well. All the comments will approve first by me before they appear publicly 🙂

— Untuk yang sekedar mau bennerin grammar doang, ya mangga aja.. Tapi sesungguhnya berbagi pikiran soal soc-med itu sendiri lebih berguna untuk menolong sejumput anak manusia ini. trims 🙂


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