A motivation to keep pedaling – the story of 1200 Km Jakarta Bali

“All of us must rage against the dying of the light.”

Quotes by Alexander Friedman shout out of my mind when Anggi asked me to upload all the photos from the 1200 Km cycle mission. He would like to send some photos to her mom, a mom – one who always has a light in the darkness.

I remember the moment when we arrived at Bali Bombing Memorial in Kuta, most of us sent a message to the mom, told them that her child just finished a mission to help people. Mom, someone who always know where is the Tv remote, where we put our favourite clothes.

The treasure box not only at home but also in our life.

For a 1200 Km cycle from Jakarta to Bali, the home is a support car, and we only have one support car for 8 cyclists. It drove by one man we called Jarwo and a road manager we called Ayu. To be fair, they are more than a driver and a road manager.

One time, I should load my bike and join them in the car, it was the journey from Semarang City to a small town called Cepu. At that time, Anggi also joined the support team in the car, since he had a hemorrhoids problem. They asked about my condition mentally, because I was so worried to get killed by the truck.

It was the perfect road to get killed if you were not really confident and also it was a plenary road to broke your bike! Flooding, bumpy, rocks, holes, and we got raining in the dark.

Around 8 pm, we haven’t arrived at the hotel, the other five cyclists shared their location to be reached by the support car and our Road Cap who left us behind was trapped alone in the middle of a teak forest, and his tire was broken.

I felt the vibe in the car, how worried they were about all the cyclists. The thing that I didn’t understand, how they could still laughing and made some jokes, while they were thinking about the best strategy to pick all of us up to the hotel, safely. It was brain dead for me, and we were 32 Km away from the hotel.

After the long night and all of us finally arrived at the hotel, we even dare to ask the support team “where is this, where are those, where is bla bla blaaa.”

Have you ever imagine to be a mom of 8 children and you were in the middle of a road trip in only one car, it was Jarwo, Ayu, and Anggi, our beloved ‘mom’ on the journey.

I remember when I asked them how could they manage the emotion, while they couldn’t ever say no to us, and they always have an answer for all the cyclists. Jarwo said, “We just don’t want to break your mental down, and we have agreed to do this, that’s all.”

I think, it wasn’t a rage that makes the support team always look after us against the dying of the light when we were in the wood, when one of us had surgery in the hospital or when the situation got worse. It was definitely their honest heart to take care of their friends, to ensure that all of us got enough water to hydrate, to be our treasure box when we lost cap, gloves, or even motivation to keep pedaling 🙂

We arrived in Bali on the 2nd of January 2021

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