I miss you all in Jakarta

Six months in Papua means sacrificing 183 days of chances to hang out with friends, which I miss most these days. I used to have the privilege of coping with stress by choosing whoever I wanted to spend time with. I'm not saying that I don't have friends here. I always have. It just feels… Continue reading I miss you all in Jakarta


Pala gue mau pecah😂, hampir dua bulan pertama gue lewatin dengan tanggung jawab baru, dan iya lagi-lagi volunteer tapi kali ini di tempat sehari-hari gue menjalani hidup 8 jam dan 5 hari dalam satu minggu. Tanggung jawab tersebut di luar kewajiban yang gue ampu. Dimulai dengan keragu-raguan, diniatkan dengan keseriusan dan kemeriahan, yang gue gak… Continue reading Sial!

That thing

I hate to overthinking about something that I can't control, but that thing who made me laugh almost every day and talk with me about whatever random stories that I want to talk about. That thing, I never realized have been stuck on my head every night I'm gonna close my eyes. That thing, I… Continue reading That thing