Leader, Lowest, Listen

Last night, Fauzan said that he was worried “if I were the leader will be the scorn of people.” Then, I said “If to be a leader is to be the lowest”. Listen, listen, and listen. If people say you wrong, yes you wrong according to them. You have to take the good point from the criticism. Take the good point, and give a positive output from you.

I thought about it all night, and today I get the lesson from God. hahaaa 😀

This is conversation with my friend in office:
F    :”Dinda, the woman tell to me that you said “monkey” to her”.

Me : ?!##?!!! HELL… ” yes sist, I ever call her “nyet” but it’s just kidding, and she said harshly first to me. Honestly, I think we’re kidding 😀

F    : “Do not like that din. I ever said to you, be careful with the people here, we don’t know who the friend, who is foe.”

What do you think about the conversation?hahaaa…
Anyone can bit me anytime, anywhere here. Anyone can tell anything about me. I can be a talking point by anyone, with any interest, which I do not know what the purpose of these people.

But the good point is, how I learn about my self. Through this lesson, I have to learn again that so many bad things I need to improve. I learned again that is something that I like is not necessarily anyone else would like to. If I thin

I’m a leader for my self, for some people at the other place. So, I’m the lowest, so that I have to listen. 🙂

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